291’s tips for shooting social media videos on your mobile phone

For a small business having a budget for video creation just isn’t practical or affordable.

These days there is so much we can do with our mobile phones that making our own videos to promote our businesses is something we can all give a go.

With the help of apps, it’s easy to add captions, add logos, edit, change the speed, the dimensions and add clips together.

All we really need is a good idea, some creativity and a bit of time.

With the right footage you can reach so many more people and we all know Facebook and the one billion people on it love video.

Once you have come up with your concept there are a few key things to remember when you are shooting to get the best out of your videos, here are some helpful tips…

1. Good lighting matters.

There is no point in spending time planning your video and shooting it if the end product is too dark for anyone to see.

Make sure you are shooting in a well-lit room or a place with good natural light and keep the light source behind you.

Avoid shooting towards windows as it will make your subject silhouetted and difficult to see.

2. Think about what’s going on around you.

Background noise can be very distracting for anyone watching your video and make the subject of your film difficult to hear.

Find a quiet location spot away from roadworks, busy roads, crowds and loud music. 

If possible use a microphone to pick up your speaker. They don’t need to be expensive and can plug straight into your phone. We recommend the RØDE VideoMic GO On Camera Microphone – Black/Red.

3. Subject placement.

Whether you are shooting someone else or yourself, you want to think about where you or the interviewee is on the screen.

Make sure you there’s not too much empty space around you, or too little and check there isn’t anything behind you that looks like it’s sticking out the top of your head!

4. Have a script.

The majority of us get a bit nervous when faced with a camera, especially video.

Think about what you are going to say and perhaps write down your key points.

Practice what you are going to say out loud. It can sound different in your head than when it comes out of your mouth.

Take your time and don’t feel you can’t re-shoot.

5. Avoid shaky shots.

Your shots can appear shaky, even if you don’t notice it when you are shooting.

If you can, use a tripod or lean your phone against a solid surface. If you can afford it, buy a gimbal Stabiliser kit, you can get these for under £100 and the difference is amazing. We use a  DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and it gives brilliant results.

If you don’t have any of these things available to you, avoid using zoom, it will pixelate your video and make it shaky. Instead, move closer to your subject get the shot you want.

6. Have fun.

You don’t have to get it right every time.

Experiment, try different angles, different backgrounds, include different people.

It’s the best way to learn anything new and sometimes it’s the random ideas that are the best.


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