Getting your ecommerce right

Since lockdown there has been a huge shift in consumer behaviour with more and more people shopping online during the pandemic and deciding they liked it. It’s a shopping choice that is growing and is here to stay.

This has meant businesses need to rethink and invest in their ecommerce marketing strategies and knowledge to make the most of the change.

Here’s some tips from us to help you get it right.

SEO is a must

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing must. It will help drive traffic to your e-commerce website so you can make more online sales. 

Good written content is key. Use keyword research to find quality target keywords for product descriptions. Make sure you look at your on-page SEO, especially on your product pages, by creating keyword-rich meta descriptions and search relevant title tags that will show up on search engines.  It’s all important to look at the loading speed of your pages and ways to improve this my optimising your images and keeping code to a minimum. This will improve your customer experience and help your rankings.

Google is your friend

Google provides lots of free tools to help people find you and your products as well as paid for adverts. Make sure you are using these. Google My Business is great for promoting business, especially locally and Google Merchant Centre is a must whether you are running paid ads or not. Many content e-commerce platforms, including woo commerce and Shopify have apps to help you get the most of this ecommerce tool which our customers have found really helpful. 

Use content marketing

You might not think content marketing sounds like the most obvious way to promote your online store at first but it’s one of the best digital marketing strategies for any type of business. Content marketing relies on the content you put out to drive traffic and increase sales. It can make a big difference to your site’s search ranking by pushing out consistent, helpful information in blog posts, FAQs, videos and podcasts for your customers.

Social Media is still important

Your business’s social media accounts can be one of the most important marketing channels for your online store.  They are a low cost way to extend your reach and drive traffic to your website and are great for giving your customer a bit more insight into you business. Who doesn’t want to see behind the scenes. Pick the platforms that you are comfortable with and where your target customers are likely to be found and use the platforms insights to check the best times for posting. You can schedule these in so you don’t have to be present and coming up with new content everyday.

Set Facebook and Instagram Shops

If these are the platforms your customers are on then you would be crazy not to showcase your products there PLUS these platforms want to keep people on them for as long as possible so they will look favourably on you for setting up your shop. You have the ability to customise your shop to make it more like your brand and can get insights into your customer behaviours while they are there. It doesn’t even have to cost you anything. Simply set up business manger to get started. With some websites you can simply import your products straight to these platforms in seconds. 

Reduce abandoned carts

Digital marketing is important at every stage, not just to entice customer to your website – sometimes, you have to try to pull back a lead as they’re slipping away. Cart abandonment is a well-known sore point for ecommerce businesses and is a higher figure than anyone would want or like. That’s why sending abandoned cart emails is one of the best marketing strategies out there for ecommerce stores and can be set up and automated on most website platforms. Try using a direct, friendly headline to grab the user’s attention so that they feel compelled to open the email. Show a photo of what they left behind in their cart, and highlight the best features of those products as a reminder or try sweetening the deal with a discount if you have the budget to do so.

Share your positive reviews

You can’t control what customers say about your business and product in reviews but they are a great tool for you marketing. By showcasing great reviews you are boosting the credibility of your store and products by someone just like your other customers – something which will encourage shoppers to buy. You can ask customers by email to review products after they have made a purchase, include reviews on product pages and share positive reviews your email newsletters or social media channels.

Perfect your website layout

Alongside every other ecommerce marketing technique, you should make sure that your ecommerce website is looking as good as it possibly can. A clear modern, uncluttered layout with cool features or witty copy will go a long way towards making a lasting impression with future customers.

Make sure to consistently check on your website to keep it fresh, innovative, and remember to:Optimize your product descriptionsFocus on fast page load speedsUse high-quality images with a zoom functionImplement cool featuresIntegrate social channelsMake the user journey easy and intuitive

If you need any help, you know where we are.


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