Social Media in Covid-19 Times

It’s a tricky time for all businesses at the moment, no matter their size.

No one is sure when life will return to normal, how people’s spending habits will change and when travel will be possible again.

As scary as this can be, it’s not a time to switch off and hide, it’s time to be seen, to show your customers you appreciated them with tips and information and to attract potential customers who may be interested in you and your products.

Social media is an amazing tool for this.

Not only is it simple to access, it’s easy to target specific audiences and you can achieve great results with just a small budget.

Potential customers are spending hours scrolling on their social media channels just now. We found a recent survey which showed time spent on Facebook has increased by 47% at the moment, so it’s the perfect time to create high-quality content that tells your story and creates interest your business and products.

A simple monthly posting schedule can make this task less daunting and makes sure you are covering your key products and services – not just posting for the sake of posting.

Think about:Who your audience / target audience isWhen your audience is onlineWhy you are postingWhat’s your USP What’s topical and what people are talking aboutWhat grabs your attention when you scroll through your social media feeds

We say, make sure it’s topical, interesting, fun and informative and include eye catching images or videos.

If you need some help or guidance with your social media, we offer a range services from half day 1-2-1 training to strategy and campaigns to imagery, videos and community management, all at a cost that works for your pocket.