Working from home

Working freelance means we’ve had a bit of experience of working from home.

It can take a bit of getting used to. There’s distractions everywhere from morning tv, to ‘I’ll just put in a washing, to friends that pop by because they knew you are home.

For anyone that’s new to ‘WFH’ or have had to because of Coronavirus, there’s the possible added complications of children to keep entertained, extra family members at home and perhaps extended family to shop for.

We’ve put this short guide together to help everyone. We hope you find it useful.

1. Try to find a separate quiet space to work from.

This could be a spare room if you’re lucky enough to have one, your bedroom or the kitchen where there’s a table you can work from.

2. If you can get one, a desk is a great idea. 

You have a proper workspace, everything you need is in the one place and it’s better for your back.Our clients BMG Office Equipment have a great range of fit for purpose desks that work in any homes and they are delivering to houses for free at the moment.

3. Have a routine or timetable to work to.

For you and the kids. After everyone’s fed. Take a solid couple of hours to focus. Give them a task they enjoy and will keep them busy, reading, drawing, even X Box if it gives you time until lunch. Little kids will like it if you tell them they are working like their parents.

You can then do the jobs that you need to concentrate to get through before giving them some quality time and you do some more when they are in bed or their favourite programme is on. 

4. Use a ‘to do’ list.

That way you can keep a note of things that pop in your head when your dealing with the dishes or walking the dog so you don’t forget them and ticking them off will give you a sense of achievement.

5. Take proper breaks.

Putting down your mobile and Mac helps with creativity and productivity and can help prevent cabin fever. Your mental health is important too. We’ve been taking a couple of hours to do those little jobs around the house that you don’t get round to. Fixing the shed, painting the back door, tidying out the kitchen cupboards.

6. If you just can’t get any peace

Invest in some noise cancelling headphones for some quiet time. Your favourite tunes can help you focus and block out the world around you. James Morrow Home Entertainment have a great range of Bose that you can choose from. 

Good luck and stay safe everyone.