How to improve your business social media presence

Everyone should know by now that social media platforms are here to stay, and used correctly can have a major positive impact on sales, traffic and awareness.

However, just because you have a Facebook page, it doesn’t mean you know how social media for business works. Building an online presence can take and managed incorrectly can be a massive waste of time.

Working with an expert can not only improve your businesses social media presence but be a wise investment.

Social media has seen a surge in traffic during 2020.  Experts say that this trend has developed due Covid-19, which seen many countries go into lockdown meaning people have been spending more time at home, more time online and more time posting on their socials.

Ensuring that you are on the right social media platforms for your business is important as each social media channel has it’s advantages, disadvantages and demographics.

Facebook is the largest platform with over 2.5 billion active user. HUGE! it really has an audience to capture and is great place to generates leads, especially for B2C business. You need to work for organic growth but adverts are reasonably priced and have great results.

LinkedIn is a business network that is perfect for building B2B relationships and is one of the fastest growing platforms at the moment.  Work your connections and make sure they know what you are doing.

Twitter is perfect for time-sensitive information treated as a quick glance with a link. Make sure you are present – joining in conversations and following news and trends.

Instagram is perfect for you if your business is visual.  Food, clothing, tourism, travel, make-up, luxury goods.

Remember all these channels have their own rules and algorithms, which change on a regular basis.  So keeping up to date with what they are going is essential.

Set goals for your businesses social media is a great way to track the progress and growth. There are many things that can be tracked with different goals such as customer service, engagement levels, website traffic increases, sales and review.

Far too many people focus on follower numbers but it doesn’t matter how many people follow you if they don’t convert or take part.


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