Social Media Writing

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool and one that is pretty reasonable on your pocket too. 

It’s a great way to reach your target audiences and engage with them. People are curious by nature and want to see behind the scenes of your business, meet your team and find out more about your business. 

To make sure your social media posts are seen and read, it’s important to get the content right. 

Post Length

Each platform has its own word limit that you need to take into consideration. For example, a post on Twitter has a maximum of 280 characters, but on Facebook you the space to write up to 63,206 but we recommend you keep it closer to the twitter length. People are less likely to click on the more button to read the rest of your post unless the first two lines really draw them in.


Almost every platform uses a hashtag system, but they all have different best practices. For Instagram we say go for as many as you can, Facebook no more than three and for twitter keep under 5. 

Copy Tips

Your starting point is what you want to achieve and what personality do you want your business to have. Is it cheeky? Do you deal with sensitive subjects? Are you customers local or from another country? What age bracket would they be in?Show your audience that your service or product adds value to their lives and not just selling them something. You should focus on being the solution to their problems. People have a short attention span so the main message of your post should be front and centre. If you keep your posts short, people are more likely to engage and click through to the content you want them to see.Everyone loves to give their opinion so use that to your advantage. Ask your followers open-ended questions they will enjoy answering without too much effort. This will increase the engagement on your post, which algorithms love. Keep your brand voice consistent, regardless of what platform you’re posting to. Stay true to you and your brand.Your followers have seen and read your post with interest but what do you want them to do next? Including a call to action is a must on your promotion posts. There’s not point in tell someone about your products and not showing them where they can buy it. On Facebook it worth considering putting this in the comments instead to the post itself. 

We provide a number of social media services including campaign planning, social media management, training and consultancy. 

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